In this fresh new slot, you have the opportunity to save the planet from Mr. X.

The Slot Game Known as Spinfinity Man Has Superpowers!

Take the fundamental idea behind an online slot game, and then develop it further. Expand it, brighten it up, and make it as fascinating as you want it to be. Do it up with some superpowers. After that, sprinkle in some lightheartedness just for good measure. After you’ve completed everything, examine what it is that you’ve made very carefully. Could it be a bird? Is that a plane I see? Not at all, of course. It is still an online slot, but it is a slot that is significantly better than the norm. It’s the Man from Spinfinity!

Get Ready to Fight for the City!

Betsoft Gaming’s Spinfinity Man is a cluster slot set in the fictional city of Metropolis. The game was developed by the company. The grid in the game is seven columns wide and seven rows high, and all of the action takes place in the middle of the city, which is depicted in a comic book manner that is brilliantly drawn.

The objective of the game is to provide assistance to the heroic Spinfinity Man in his mission to save Metropolis from the grasp of the psychotic and destructive Mr. X. That is not a simple undertaking, however, and as you’ll see in due time, the lovely metropolis is going to take more than a little beating along the way, as you’ll be able to see in the future. The good news is that it isn’t over until it’s over, and Spinfinity Man possesses more than enough power to triumph over his sworn adversary. All he asks of you is to turn the reels and lend him a hand in this situation.

The playing card rankings J, Q, K, and A, as well as Mr. X, power symbols, and a crystal, as well as the Spinfinity Man emblem, are all depicted in this game using the same vibrant comic-book style as the surrounding environment. When you spin a successful combination, the symbols involved will explode, allowing a cascade of new symbols and possibly more winning clusters to appear.

Superpowers and Pictures from Fans

Spinning infinity Throughout the entirety of the game, Man will remain stationary to the left of the game grid. When you successfully match particular clusters of symbols, he will put one of his many abilities to good use. For instance, if you match enough of the ice power icons, he will use his ice-breath power to freeze the symbols and remove them from the board using his ice-breath power. In addition, he is able to accomplish the same result by utilizing his extraordinary telepathic talents and laser eyesight.

A supporter of Spinfinity Man will pop up on the screen from time to time to snap a picture of the character for the annals of history. The flash from the camera will cause some of the symbols in the grid to explode, which will result in another cascade being created. This is beneficial, and not just for the hero’s ego. That much is certain: it’s a game that’s jam-packed with exciting moments!

Bonus Round for Mr. X

When you spin in a Mr. X symbol while playing the regular game, it will contribute to a meter. When that meter is full, you will be able to play the Mr. X Bonus Game, which gives you the opportunity to face off against the villain directly. During this portion of the game, you will be awarded 10 free spins; however, the number of free spins you receive can be enhanced by collecting additional Mr. X symbols. Be careful that Mr. X possesses his own set of abilities in this scenario; the good news is that you can make just as much money off of them as you might off of those possessed by Spinfinity Man himself!

Now is the time to save Metropolis!

Spinfinity Man is an absolutely incredible game that will excite anyone who has even the slightest interest in comic books, superheroes, or simply the prospect of winning a substantial sum of money. Fly over to the Betsoft Gaming site of your choice to save Metropolis today, and we wish you the best of success.






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