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At the present time, sports betting is not sanctioned by all US states. Many residents of Arizona have been wondering: Is sports betting allowed here, and if not, when will it be? Hold on, there’s still hope!

What’s the current situation? We have some fantastic news and really helpful information for those sports-betting-loving Arizonans who are not familiar with the present legal situation of sports betting in Arizona. Learn about the legalization of sports betting in Arizona, as well as the editor’s choice for the best sportsbook and top betting security advice.

Who would benefit from reading this article? – Arizona gamblers, listen up!


Find helpful details about sports betting in Arizona, its current legal status, your options as a prospective bettor, and how to choose your sports betting operators like a pro if you are a resident of Arizona and a fan of sports betting or looking to start a new hobby in sports betting. The answer to the question “can you bet on sports in Arizona?” can be found here as well.


Or maybe you’re an experienced gambler who has just moved to Arizona. You’re just sitting on the sidelines, waiting for another shot. Think about it: get a head start by learning the rules in Arizona and finding the top service providers. Our reviews of betting sites have all the information you need.

What led to Arizona’s decision to legalize sports betting and how far things have progressed so far…


The road to legalizing sports betting was not without its share of bumps, some of which were anticipated and others not. Here’s what happened:


This fight

In 2019, legislation was filed to allow sports betting in Arizona, but the process stalled due to low support and strong resistance from the state’s indigenous communities. Despite a brief period of progress, negotiations between the tribes and the Governor dragged on past their original April 24th deadline as the legislature raced to meet its deadline.


The primary concern was the tribes’ apparent satisfaction with the status quo, which made them hostile to the prospect of losing casino revenue to other communities.


The pandemic’s impact

However, the state’s finances took a major hit when the pandemic struck. Arizona’s economy relies heavily on visitors and vacationers. Unemployment rose as businesses across the board had to lay off workers, including those in the hotel industry.


Arizona’s government, led by Governor Doug Ducey, and tribal leaders, who were also experiencing declining profits at their casinos, began exploring for new revenue sources, and sports betting quickly emerged as a promising option.


The dreadful typo has struck again.

Then, a rookie error occurred. A clerical error in the new law made it seem like a “motorsports event” or “collector car auction” with an average attendance of 150 people could apply for a sports betting license.


This may seem reasonable at first, but it means that any establishment that meets the aforementioned criteria can legitimately apply for a sports betting license. The bill’s backers certainly didn’t mean for that to happen, so they had to go back to the drawing board to correct a typo.


A surprising conclusion

The last hiccup occurred when a senator tried to increase non-tribal access to gambling, which was met with resistance by the tribes. Tribal members intended to increase their own gambling prospects by adding games like roulette to existing casinos, so they acknowledged some points even though they went against their own interests.


This empowered both parties in the transaction and allowed for further discussion and compromise. In the end, the Senators came to an unexpected agreement that was backed by the tribes and the Governor. On April 15, 2021, a solemn ceremony was held to officially sign this agreement into law. Reservations will open on or around September 9th, 2021.


Here is the top Arizona sports betting site as chosen by our editors.

BetMGM, the sports betting arm of MGM Resorts International, enjoys an excellent reputation in the gambling industry. BetMGM has been given a license to operate an online sportsbook in Arizona, according to the state’s Department of Gaming.


BetMGM is well-known and well regarded among punters in areas where it is already licensed to operate a sportsbook, such as New Jersey, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee. The company also offers a highly regarded app that, functionally speaking, is identical to the desktop site.


The launch of BetMGM’s platform is scheduled for September 9th, 2021; to celebrate, BetMGM Arizona has prepared a unique $200 Bonus Bet Pre-Launch Promo for all sports bettors in the state of Arizona. This is the rundown:


BetMGM welcomes new customers with a generous $200 in bonus wagers. What’s even better? This offer is available with no initial deposit.

To participate in this offer, sign up with BetMGM while located in Arizona.

After signing up, you’ll have access to $200 in free wagers.

Mind this: BetMGM will go live on September 9, 2021, but users must register before that.

How do we determine which businesses to recommend to people in Arizona? Our Standards


The sports betting sites in each state are given a comprehensive review and evaluation by the editors of The same holds true for business owners in Arizona. Key areas of scrutiny and evaluation are as follows:


Authenticity and permits

Is the operator a reliable, trustworthy sportsbook that operates in accordance with all applicable local, state, and federal regulations? Does the company have the appropriate registrations and memberships with relevant regulatory agencies?


Markets for Sports Events

Does the service provider offer coverage of sports beyond the United States? Do the professional leagues and college ball, tennis, auto racing, golf, boxing, and mixed martial arts fall under this umbrella as well? Having more options is preferable.


Current advertising specials

The greater the variety of advertisements, the better. Promotions, prizes, loyalty programs, incentives, and even VIP clubs for repeat customers are just a few examples.


Bet Varieties

In what ways might gamblers risk their money? Does the operator provide a wide variety of betting options? Point spreads and money lines, over/under point totals, futures, parlays, teasers, and propositions are some of the most common types of wagers. The ability to wager in-play on the majority of major sporting events is also a benefit.


Terms and conditions are easily understood.

Whether it’s a new signup incentive or a wager, the user or customer should be able to comprehend all components of their agreement fully, and if they don’t, there should be support available to help them grasp all aspects of their agreement. Misleading language has no place in terms and conditions.

Looking for a reliable sportsbook in Arizona?


If you haven’t settled on a betting favorite yet, the first step is to choose an operator who meets all of your requirements. Looking at the operator reviews we provide might help you find your long-term betting partner, as the top operators out there are in close rivalry with one another when it comes to pros and perks.



Betting at any hour of the day or night shouldn’t be an added perk, but rather the norm. If you share this view, then having access to an operator who is available at all hours is a must. There’s no reason to doubt that.


Ways of Making Payments

When it comes to accepting payments, certain providers are more restricted than others. This is a fantastic justification for looking into reviews written by others. We can see difficulties brewing if you’d rather do all of your financial dealings through PayPal, but the operator insists on taking credit cards.


Confidence and backing

Having faith in your operator can help you in many ways. After all, they are handling your cash. You need a provider you can trust and rely on if prompt responses to your inquiries and an obvious commitment to keeping you in the loop are high on your list of priorities.



Want the best betting bonus available? select gamblers love taking advantage of the VIP treatment they can get at select establishments. Have you joined them? There’s no shame in enjoying life to the fullest. If you’re interested in this, research which service provider best meets your specific requirements.


Finally, we’ve compiled a list of the top Arizona betting sites for your convenience.

Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or just thinking about getting into the action now that sports betting is allowed in Arizona, there are a few things to keep in mind. From the law’s background to how to identify the suitable operator, it’s all here.


Check out our in-depth analyses of the various sports betting sites available to residents of Arizona, and give BetMGM’s tantalizing $200 Bonus Bet Pre-Launch Promo some serious thought. You should be ready to place your bets on Arizona sports now that you have read this.


Curious as to what other states have passed? If you’re looking for information about New Jersey betting sites or Pennsylvania sports betting laws, you’ve come to the right place.






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